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Legal Consultancy
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Top Lawyers
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Tabanshahr Law Office and Legal Advice

The Law Advocacy and Counseling Office of Hami City was established in 2011 with the cooperation of a group of graduates of the University of Tehran (lawyers with a license to practice law) and to this day, He has continued his work. The members of this group and the basic lawyers of a court of this law office, by putting rights and justice at the forefront and moving within the framework of laws and avoiding imaginary and fruitless cases, have been able to gain the trust of clients and clients and gain credibility.

Methods of consulting with Taban lawyers

In-person consultation

If you need to get face-to-face consultation, you can contact our office and visit our address at the appointed time while taking the consultation.

Telephone legal advice​

If you have a short question, you do not need to have a consultation in person, our consultants will answer your short questions over the phone.

Send legal questions

If the answer to your question is not very urgent, send us the text of your question through this way, you will receive the answer to your question in writing within at least 24 hours.

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If you want to receive legal advice from Tabanshahr Law Office, to coordinate and book in-person legal advice and telephone legal advice, click here.

Taban Legal Office

To date, it has continued to work with the aim of accepting representation and providing legal advice to Iranian compatriots around the world and foreigners residing in Iran.

Clients' comments

And thanks to the esteemed advice of the Taban Law Office, who, whenever I needed help, was accountable at the earliest opportunity.

Ali Amini

Ali Amini

In my opinion, Taban's lawyers were very complete and clear, and they were excellent answers for me, both in person and by phone. Thankful

Sina Omidi

Sina Omidi

The legal problem of Bandeh Company was one of the difficult legal issues that was solved by first-class lawyers and the base of a Taban law firm.

Khosrow Ahmadzadeh

Khosrow Ahmadzadeh